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Reno is Nevada's Google eCity of the year By Clip Syndicate Small business owners in Reno are using the internet more to generate more money. ...Read More »
Content Insider #361 - User Focus By Miles Weston More computing power, more options, more demands/expectations, more free products/services, more crooks, more patches. How many devices do you have 4-5? How many apps? A couple of hundred across them all. How much of the stuff is sorta, kinda free? 95-ish percent. How much was designed by regular people instead of techies? 1-5 percent. That's right your well used devices and freebie apps on the iNet built by techies for techies. It's no wonder you do stupid things out there and people take advantage of you. It'll never be perfect but it can be a whole lot better. ...Read More »
Google's Third-quarter Revenue Increases 20 Percent By Clip Syndicate Google's third-quarter revenue increased 20 percent, as a long-running decline in its online advertising rates showed signs of moderating. Google said it generated $16.52 billion in revenue in the three months ended Sept. 30, compared with $13.75 billion in the year ago period.

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Facebook’s New “Safety Check” Feature Lets You Tell Friends And Family You’re Okay After A Major Disaster By Clip Syndicate With over 1.3 billion users connected to its network on a monthly basis, Facebook is able to leverage its massive scale for good. It’s put those capabilities to use in the past to encourage users to vote or register to be an organ donor, but today the company announced something applicable to an even broader audience: Safety Check, a new feature that lets you tell your family and friends that you’re safe in the wake of a natural disaster or other crisis. ...Read More »
How the cloud is changing and predicted cloud trends for 2015 By Sarah Lahav At a macro level, Cloud was never really an IT opportunity and never should have been thought of that way. It was, and still is, a business opportunity. Whether it be the ability to lower costs, improve service delivery, speed up change, or add flexibility and scalability, Cloud has always been about greater business agility and productivity. With Cloud "a business and service delivery model" ahead of "the technology used to offer cloud services." At a micro level, of course Cloud is a great opportunity for internal IT organizations to deliver better IT services to their parent companies - so long as adoption is driven by the potential business benefits over the desire to use shiny new IT. ...Read More »
Google Tests Waters For Potential Ultra-fast Wireless Service By Clip Syndicate Google is preparing to test new technology that may provide the foundation for a wireless version of its high-speed "Fiber" Internet service. In a public but little-noticed application with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Monday, Google asked the agency for permission to conduct tests in California across different wireless spectrums, including a rarely-used millimeter-wave frequency capable of transmitting large amounts of data.

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Google Announces Android Lollipop, Nexus 6 Smartphone, Nexus 9 Tablet By Clip Syndicate Google has announced the next version of Android, formerly known as Android L, will be called Lollipop, officially version 5.0 of the mobile operating system. It also announced the first two devices to run Android L: the HTC Nexus 9 tablet and the Motorola Nexus 6. Sundar Pichai, Google's senior vice president of Android and Chrome, announced the new software and hardware in a blog post . ...Read More »
Skype Launches Standalone App For Disappearing Video Messages By Clip Syndicate Skype is capitalizing on the increasing popularity of photo and video-centric messaging apps with a new standalone app for disappearing video messages. The Skype Qik app is ideal for short, impromptu video conversations between friends. While the company says the app is meant to run alongside Skype, it's a standalone smartphone app that doesn't require a Skype account to use. Dan Chastney, principal program manager lead at Skype, said "Skype started with desktop. ...Read More »
Ads Tied To Web Searches Criticized By Clip Syndicate Federal regulators last year told Google Incorporated, Yahoo Incorporated, and Microsoft Corporation to more clearly highlight the ads in their search-engine results, to avoid deceiving consumers. In response, the three leading U.S. search engines have done little, making it difficult for users to distinguish ads from “natural” search results. Google earlier this year stopped placing colored shading around ads, and now displays a small yellow “Ad” label next to some paid links.

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The Answer Engine: How Humans Can Provide Better Knowledge Than Algorithms By Clip Syndicate When you have a question you need answered, do you ask a friend – or a robot? The answer to that question used to be easy. But the rise of Siri, Yahoo and Google has ushered in an era in which we turn, not to experts, but to search engines to answer our questions. By failing to solicit human responses in the pursuit of information, I believe we are making a big mistake – in relying excessively on this single source, we open ourselves up to a data blind spot. ...Read More »

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